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What Relationship Is All About

Often you hear about relationship, have you think about what being in a relationship means, what it takes, the pros and cons? Maybe your friend is in a relationship, it might be someone you know or it might be you are in a relationship or intending to go into a relationship.
Now, what is relationship?
Relationship can be define as a connection or association with someone physically, emotionally or biologically. It is the condition of being related to someone by blood or marriage. It is also a romantic or sexual involvement with someone.

There are 4 types of relationship:

  • Family relationship (relationship with families)
  • Friendship relationship (relationship with friends)
  • Business relationship (relationship with colleagues and acquaintances)
    *Romantic relationship

So, you see, everybody is in one kind of relationship,
also, everyday we go into any of these relationships where different kind of love are given. Although there are different kind of love shown in these relationships but the relationship I want to talk about is the relationship that requires romantic expression term “romantic relationship”.

We can’t talk about romantic relationship without the word romance.
Romance is an intimate expression between two people. It is a love affair between two people. The intimacy can be physical or emotional. Although most intimate relationship are sexual relationship some are not sexual.

Romantic relationship is very different from other relationships. The characteristics and activities here is extraordinary. Here, the love is deep and intimate; this relationship has to do with two souls connected, craving each other and seeing things same way. The people in this relationship are passionate about themselves, with lots of commitment and probably sexually active.

If you are considering going into a romantic relationship, you should have it in mind that you are going out of your comfort zone (because you have to be there for that person even in the time you didn’t expect).
But that’s not all. Considering going into a romantic relationship is something that has to be given much thought and attention because it has to do with the heart and mind (though to some nowadays it is seen differently).

There are over 7.7 billion people in the world and so many places one can meet someone, though to some they started off as close friends, some meet at their place of work and also with the present technology, some meet theirs on any of the social media. You get close to the person then things begin to change, you start being attached to that person before you know it you might be in love with the person and start being romantic towards the person. Whatever way you meet being in a romance with someone is beautiful and daring and should be giving much thought, it’s not something to be rush, it’s something to be taken slowly whether being your first or not. When it’s not your first relationship.
When it’s not your first, it is very important you think about your past experience and learn from it, you should think about why it did not work and think about the possibility and ways to make this new relationship work so you don’t end up going round a circle and finding yourself at the same spot .

In conclusion, being in a relationship with someone is very cool especially with someone that completes you. But just like how important we look out for other things that comes with life the attention care and all that, going into a relationship with someone should be given its all though it can be hard, sometimes it hurts but at the end you will have someone for yourself that makes you feel special, light up the spark in your soul, someone that completes you.

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