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Tips for building a healthy romantic relationship

Any kind of relationship is prone to separation.
There maybe ups and downs, arguments and misunderstanding whether it’s family relationship, friendship, acquaintanceship or romantic relationship.
These relationship go through these but romantic relationship go through worst. You can tell through the restlessness and sleepless nights you experience each time you have a quarrel or fight with your lover.
No one has a perfect relationship. It takes willingess, commitment and increased affection to make it perfect; it doesn’t matter if it’s a new relationship or a long-term relationship. Although people have different perspective towards romantic relationship, however, peace, love, honesty, oneness amongst you make any kind of relationship work.

In romantic relationship, love is not enough. Although, love is very essential in a relationship, and because it takes love to stay committed; however, there are some characters which influences this love which then leads to commitment. Therefore, a healthy relationship requires not only love and commitment but communication, sharing a common goal, intimacy, trust and honesty.
In any kind of relationship, when there’s no communication, the relationship dies. Without good communication or interesting things to talk about, you and your lover will feel bored which will begin to create a vacuum that will eventually boil down to the relationship making it unhealthy.

Below are some tips that will help you in building a healthy relationship.


  1. Improved communication: the power of communication in relationship (be it family relationship, friendship, acquaintanceship or romantic relationship) cannot be overemphasized. Communication is the power house in relationship. When the power house goes down, the relationship goes down.
    Let’s use the mitochondria to analyze this point. The mitochondria is an essential component of the cell. If the mitochondria has a disorder, the cells will be affected and the whole body eventually because the mitochondria generates majority of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is the energy of the cell (the basic unit of life).

I have mentioned that communication is like the mitochondria (the power house). But sometimes we might find it difficult to communicate or might not even have something to say or talk about, it’s okay, I will give you some topic ideas you can discuss with your partner.

Past experience: this is an interesting topic to discuss with your partner. It will also help to bring you more closer as you now know more about them, plus you will learn and know how to go about similar issues in case it happens in the future.

Happy moments: discussing happy moments with your partner, especially the ones that involves both of you add more romance and sparkles in the relationship. It will also help you to discover what they love best and what make them happy.

Future plans: when you discuss your future plans with your partner, it does not only portray adoration it adds seriousness in the relationship. When someone discusses their plans with you, it shows they adore you because you can’t be doing that with everybody especially these days.

Old memories: discussing old memories with friends often brings happiness, fun and laughter talk more of with your partner. It’s very entertaining as it also ease stress and tensions.

Challenges and fears: it’s really nice when you discuss your challenges and fears with your partner. And when your partner do same, it will help you both grow into each other and also to be conscious about the actions and things going on in the relationship.

Daily experiences/events: when you tell your partner how your day went at school, at work, at home, where you went to etc. none of you will feel left out as they know how your day went and what transpired.

All these are the easiest way to engage your partner in a conversation. Just ask them the question.

Other tips include:

  1. Sharing common goal: sharing common goal with your partner creates a convergence on a workable point. This is the glue that keeps a relationship moving forward and bonds you as partners. It is important to share common goals as it encourages both of you to work together, closely, and be dedicated to improving the relationship and life in general.
  2. Respect for each other: respecting your partner is accepting them for who they’re, knowing your boundaries; saves a lot in a relationship. When there’s respect for each other, there will be no chaos. Respect builds feelings, brings your heart more closer.
  3. Giving special attention: accepting them into your life doesn’t end there. When you give special attention to something by caring for it makes it longer right. Same thing happens in relationship. When you care for them, listen to them all the time, treating them just as how you like to be treated, the relationship will turn out great.
  4. Be honest and trustworthy: being honest and trustworthy is having transparency and staying true with each other. Relationship with a two-faced person or crook doesn’t last. As a matter of fact, nobody wants to be with such person. Honesty does not only entail truth telling or not hiding of deeds but also truth loving.
  5. Increased love and affection: increased love and affection often leads to addiction, commitment and increased of emotional intimacy.
    Emotional intimacy entails closeness to another with passion that allows sharing of personal feelings, accompanied by demonstration of care and unconditional love.
    Emotional intimacy is what binds two people in a relationship. Whenever you don’t feel that sparkle in your heart when you are with your partner you will begin to fallout. You can keep this sparkle alive by being intimate, by increasing love and affection each day.
  6. Avoid arguing over unnecessary things: arguments are bound in relationships. Although arguments can be surprisingly good in relationship; it all depends on the reason or content. But arguing over unnecessary things should be avoided at all times. Developing the character of over looking some things saves a lot in relationship. Arguments are toxic and sore relationship sometimes. For a healthy relationship, it should be avoided.

Healthy relationship requires work and good behaviors. Love, money and/or sex alone doesn’t make relationship healthy. Healthy relationship requires commitment, deliberate love and care, understanding, forgiveness, apologizing (even when you are not wrong, attention), honesty, trust, oneness and other good behaviors.

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