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Being in a relationship is one thing, staying in a relationship is another thing, but keeping your partner in the relationship is a different ball game. A healthy relationship takes work to achieve. Although love and affection for each other is the primary tool to keep your partner and for building a healthy relationship, there are other necessary things to be done to keep your partner though some might cost a fortune, some may not such as drafting out time for each other, being honest and trustworthy e.t.c. 

There are so many things that might be happening in your relationship that could give your partner a reason to either stay or leave; that’s why no matter how small, it is important to show how much you really love and need them. 

I put together 7 tips for keeping your partner in a relationship. They are simple and straight-forward. Although some are little bit hard because you will have to learn it as a behavior. You don’t have to use all of these ideas, but you will find many that will work nicely for you. 


  • Make them feel loved: love is a strong affection for someone. Being loved and loving someone are two different things. Make your partner know you can do anything in your power for them. Let them know you got them any day, anytime. Tell them you love them and the reason you love them. Learn how to relate with your partner emotionally, it strengthens the bond and it gives them every reason to stay; after-all to be loved is what we all want right?
  • Do what they like and don’t do what they don’t like: this is quite simple. You know what your partner likes and what they don’t like, if you don’t know about something or you are not too sure, ask them. The principle to this is “obedience” and “doing the right thing”. For example, after asking them for their opinion and they said you shouldn’t do it, then don’t do it. Or maybe your partner don’t like you going somewhere without their knowledge, then let them know anytime you are going somewhere. Your partner likes you to call them or send a goodnight text before going to bed, then always do it. Your partner hate lies, then don’t put yourself in that position that would make you lie to them. Obedience and doing the right thing saves a lot in a relationship. 
  • Return back the love given: a relationship is made up of two people. Two people decide to come together to be together, therefore, the love and activities shouldn’t be one-sided. Be selfless, love them back; if it’s something you don’t know how to do, then learn to do it because everybody deserves to be loved. If your partner loves you with everything they’ve got, you should reciprocate. It’s not right to be at the receiving end all the time. Relationship is a two-sided affair. Loving your partner just as how they love you or even more sparkles the relationship. It make them happy, it make them confident and comfortable in the relationship; it make them love you more and above all it make them stay. 
  • Respect and care for them: love, care and respect work together. These 3 things make a relationship to be perfect. When you respect and care for your partner, it shows you cherish and value them. To respect and care for someone is the expression of high or special regard. Now, who wouldn’t love that? Why would they want to leave? 
  • Be Loyal: loyalty is an important ingredient in a relationship. When there’s no loyalty, the relationship can’t grow or work because of the chaos and misunderstanding that will arise. Being loyal to your partner may not be easy as it requires endurance, honesty and commitment. To be loyal is the ability to be faithful, selfless and to stick with your partner in both good and bad times. No one will like to be with someone that’s not faithful, that flirts with strangers online or go out with random people. 
  • Surprise them: there mustn’t be an occasion for you to surprise your partner. It shouldn’t be until it’s their birthday or your anniversary before you get them a present. Once awhile make them feel special, let them know how special they are. Buy them what they like or what you will like them to have; get a surprise ticket to see a movie or a show, take a ride to fascinating places, go for dinner at the restaurant, go for picnics, go on a planned vacation (either dream vacation or getaway). Not only does these create memories, it stirs excitement in your relationship and the memories it gives strengthens the bond. 
  • Be someone to confide in: We all have secrets and subjects that are hard to talk about. When we want to talk about something sensitive, we look for someone to confide in: a person we trust not to blab about our businesses to the rest of the world that will in turn put us in harms way. Most people confide in close friends or partner often to get advice. If your partner tells you a secret, and then you go about telling your friends, your partner would realize they made a mistake by confiding in you. Nobody will want to be with that kind of person. We all want to be with someone we are safe with, a shoulder we can always lean on in times of struggle.

Building a healthy relationship and/or keeping your partner might be demanding and yet easy. It’s just doing the right things and having genuine love for them. Because when you have genuine love for them, the way you would like someone to treat you that’s the way you will treat them. When you do these, you end up changing each other for best which in turn make your relationship to bloom. 

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